Our Wines are WINNERS!

Date : 05-June-2017

On Saturday, 22 April, 2017, the first “Indian Wine Awards” were announced in a glittering reception in SOFITEL, Mumbai. We had entered 8 wines, of which 2 won the SILVER and 2 won the GOLD. This was amongst 301 contestants.

Our winners are:



The Chenab Impex Pvt. Ltd. Scholarship Award 2017

Date : 02-April-2017

The Chenab Impex Pvt. Ltd. Scholarship and certifciate along with the trophy is awarded to Vikas Rajak for securing the highest marks in food production practicals in semester.

Chenab Impex has received the Skoch award for pioneering gourmet food industry in India.

Date : 02-April-2017

Cutting the red tape in India's food sector

Date : 09-March-2016

Our Pure Green Tea has been given a bronze medal in the Tea category at this year's The Healthy Food and Drink Awards

Date : 08-Feb-2016

India Food Forum 2016

Date : 26-January-2016

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Date : 01-July-2015

Our Contribution to Nepal Relief

Date : 20-May-2015

Our Director & C.E.O. is honored by the French Government

Date : 10-Apr-2015

Tea Cover Story

Date : 26-Mar-2014


Foies Gras have been rewarded with 50 medals at the Concours General Agricole (CGA) in Paris

Date : 24-Mar-2014

The Weak Rupee Has Taken A Bite Out Of The Food Business

Date : 03-Sep-2013

The Roots Organic Store Delhi

Date : 17-June-2013

Daisy Malik (The Owner of The Roots Organic Store New Delhi) with Maneka Gandhi in Organic Mela-Delhi.

Jersey Dairy is celebrating a very special anniversary this year – “250 years of pure quality”.

Date : 17-June-2013

That notable date refers to the basic raw material on which all our products are based, the beautiful rich creamy milk produced by the famous Jersey cow. In 1763 the States of Jersey introduced the first legislation to protect the purity of the breed by banning the import of cattle into the Island. Two hundred and fifty years later that ban still exists.

Every drop of milk supplied to Jersey Dairy continues to be produced exclusively by pre-breed Jersey who can trace the purity of their lineage back to 1763 – hence the anniversary slogan "250 years of pure quality"

Jersey cows grazing in fields are an important feature of the beautiful Jersey countryside and are one of our greatest national treasures. The milk from these cows is used by Jersey Dairy to produce products to world-class standards, many of which have won numerous awards. Buying Jersey Dairy products not only provides you with great tasting products, it also helps preserve our beautiful countryside and our unique herds of Jersey cows.

Winner of Chenab Rotating trophy for the Best student in Food Production, for the year 2013, at Institute of Hospitality Management, Dadar, Mumbai, india’s leading Hospitality management college

Date : 18-May-2013

Ms. Rachita Gandham

Fifth Oscar for Amedei for its Blanco de Criollo

Date : 19-Mar-2013

Golden syrup perfect for moist, spicy gingerbread

Date : 03-July-2010

Having a lion as a logo is common enough; from MGM studios to Lion Dates in South India, the big cat has often become a brand. Having a dead lion as a logo is a bit odd, and having one that appears to be rot-ten and swarming with flies is truly weird. Even when one learns that the flies are really bees, and the image represents the Biblical story of Samson finding a beehive in the carcass of a lion he had once killed, it does seem an unusual basis on which to build a brand.

But then Lyle’s Golden Syrup, which uses this logo on its distinctive green and gold tin, is a product like no other. This column is not about specific brands but one can hardly talk about golden syrup without mentioning Lyle’s, the world’s most famous golden syrup brand by far. Abram Lyle, a Scotsman from a strongly religious background, got into sugar refining in 1865 because, like others, he saw the opportunity in catering to the cravings for sweetness of a fast industrialising country. Unlike most others though, he decided not to produce crystal or lump sugar, but a better version of the syrup that was a by-product of sugar refining.

Harold McGee, the food scientist, explains that sugar needs refining because, unlike other sweeteners like honey or maple syrup, it doesn’t just involve concentrating or tapping a simple sweet liquid, but crushing sugar cane whose juice contains “proteins, complex carbohydrates, tannins, pigments — that not only interfere with the sweet taste themselves, but decompose into even less palatable chemicals at the high temperatures needed for the concentration process.” One could also argue though that it is these ‘impurities’ which give raw sugar like jaggery more interest than the single taste note of pure sugar.

Pure sugar crystals though are what most people want and several refining processes were devised to remove sugar crystals from the mass of uncrystallisable simple sugars and other chemicals which formed a syrup in which the crystals were caught. This syrup was called molasses, or treacle, a name it gets from the Latin theriaca, meaning antidote against poison (therapeutic has the same root). Treacle or molasses became a common ingredient in medicines and also for cooking, particularly in cakes like gingerbread.

Gingerbread is why I started searching for molasses. There are times, like now when the rains have started and colds are in the air, when I crave its moist, warm spiciness. Molasses is really essential for it, for giving a combined sweetness, moistness and dark depth to its taste. But despite our huge sugar industry molasses can be really hard to find since it nearly all of it goes into making the extra-neutral alcohol that is the basis for all our Indian Made Foreign Liquor. The further complication is that, even when you can get some from a sugar company, it is often almost inedibly crude and strong tasting, the waste from the final stages of refining.

This is when I discovered kakvi, a light golden liquid occasionally made by sugar mills in Maharashtra and sold as a liquid sweetener (sometimes under the rather dubious assertion of being better for diabetes and weight loss). It was, I realised, the light form of treacle called golden syrup abroad, and was good for gingerbread – not as deliciously dark tasting as some forms of molasses, but more reliably usable. Kakvi was available, though only sporadically, and it could suddenly disappear for ages. Which is why, when I found a sugar mill’s distributor who was willing to sell it to me, but only by the case, I decided to buy all 12 bottles.

But then Chenab Impex, a Mumbai based food importer, started getting in Lyle’s Golden Syrup and suddenly I felt I had made a mistake. Because kakvi, while physically fulfilling the properties of golden syrup, is just blandly sweet, whereas Lyle’s is anything but bland. It is darker and has a rich, rounded taste, with both hints of the caramel of cooking sugar, as well as some of the aromatic, grassy tastes of raw cane juice. Lyle’s Golden Syrup in fact tastes like the best butter toffees in a gloriously thick and sticky form. It is not as aggressively strong as molasses, nor bland like kakvi, but a beautiful blend of both.

And a blend is exactly what Abram Lyle created as I learned from Heston Blumenthal’s book Total Perfection. In this book Blumenthal, the much celebrated British chef, tries to find the perfect way to make popular foods ranging from tandoori chicken to Black Forest cake. One of them is the old British specialty of treacle tart and for this he visits the factory of Tate & Lyle, as the company was called after it merged with Tate, another equally old sugar company. Blumenthal found that a company both modern and traditional that still took great pride in making what it called “’Goldie’ as though it were a character in its own right.”

Blumenthal discovered that what Lyle had done was reverse engineer golden syrup. Rather than being a waste product, it was freshly made from sugar cooked with citric acid to dissolve its structure into syrup, which was then further cooked and concentrated to different levels, which were blended to get the characteristic taste. This was the product on which Lyle, drawing on his religious background, had bestowed the imagery of dead lion and bees and the impressive sounding, if rather mystifying Biblical slogan: “Out of the strong come forth sweetness.”

There’s one other odd thing about Lyle’s which I discovered while trying it in gingerbread, biscuits, teigellach (a rich Jewish candy made by boiling dough in hot golden syrup) and Blumenthal’s treacle tart recipe (maddeningly hard to make and amazingly rich in taste). What was odd was that in almost none of them, delicious as they were, did I get that wonderful taste of plain Lyle’s. This is probably not something Tate & Lyle’s wants you to think, but I see little point in using it as an ingredient, but only by itself, to be drizzled on waffles or pancakes or just eaten one indulgent spoon at a time. For cooking all my remaining bottles of kakvi will work just fine.

Usually for this column I buy all the products myself, but in this case, since there was a temporary shortage of Lyle’s when I began researching it, I used some samples kindly furnished by Anil Chandok of Chenab Impex. The product is now easily available in large stores.

All India Men's Open Tennis Tournament Co-sponsored by Chenab

Date : 09-June-2010

Our director Mr. Anil Chandhok with Chief Guest Mr. Naseruddin Shah, famous film and stage actor.

Our director Mr. Anil Chandhok, with the Winner & Runner-up

IHM, Mumbai

Date : 23-April-2010

Young Nitigya Tripathi, final year student, is this year’s winner of the Chenab Rotating trophy and cash prize for the outstanding student in food production, in the final year, at IHM, Mumbai.

We wish him GOOD LUCK and ALL SUCCESS in his career.

Tennis Tournament sponsored by Chenab Impex

Date : 08-February-2010

Chenab Co-Sponsor's the Maharshtra State Veterans Tennis Tournament

Date : 15-January-2010

Aperitif Francaise 2009, held at Novotel, Mumbai

Date : 23-June-2009

Mr. Vijaya Mallya, Chairman of UB group, Kingfisher Airlines, visit the booth

The risotto with BORDE mushrooms

The G.M. of JW Mariott enjoying the delicacies

The G.M. of Novotel

A view of the crowd

Paul Perrot visits our booth

Another distingusihed visitor

Mr. Anil Chandhok with Chef at the booth

A distinguished visitor

The display of our booth

A visitor enjoying himself

Reliance Store - Warden Road

Date : 03-March-2009

We held a nice event in collaboration with Reliance Store at Warden Road, Mumbai, to create awareness of cooking Italian style the Chef was Celebrity Chef Nilesh Limaye.

It was well attended and evoked favourable response from the attendees.

Academy of Chocolate Awards 2009

Date : 03-March-2009

It's a pleasure to announce Amedei once again winner of the highly prized award - “ THE GOLDEN BEAN 2009 ” - with the blend Amedei “9” - a recognition bestowed by the prestigious London Academy of chocolate . In total, at these “OSCARS” for the Chocolate world, this year, Amedei has won 9 Awards in various categories.

Last year swept the 2008 Academy of Chocolate awards in London, with Toscano Black 63% winning the 'Golden Bean' Award for best 'bean to bar' chocolate, whilst obtaining another three Gold and four Silver Awards.

2009 is the fourth consecutive year that Amedei has swept these prestigious awards including the GOLDEN BEAN, establishing Amedei, without doubt as the finest chocolate maker in the World.

The Academy of Chocolate was created in 2005 by 5 of Britain’s leading chocolate professionals, united in the belief that chocolate is one of life’s great pleasures. Membership has since grown but the aim remains the same, to campaign for better chocolate and promote a greater awareness between fine chocolate and mass-produced chocolate confectionery.

We are proud to be Amedei’s partner for India. The prestigious list of customers for Amedei in India grows steadily and we thank all our customers for their support.

Thai Festival at The Bombay Store

Date : 09-February-2009

At the Thai festival in Bombay Store with the Blue Elephant display. Chef Kanchit is using the Blue Elephant ingredients to demonstrate Thai cooking and to prepare a taste of Thai cuisine for visitors at the festival.

Mr. Anil Chandhok, Director, Chenab Impex Pvt. Ltd. With Ms. Jiraporn Tulyanond, Executive Director and Consul (Commercial) DEP, Thailand, at the inauguration of the Festival of Thailand, with the display of Blue Elephant, gourmet Thai ingredients.

IHM Mumbai

Date : 09-August-2008

It is a pleasure to introduce young Aditya Kulkarni, a brilliant young Chef-in-the-making, winner of Chenab’s award for Outstanding Final Year Student in Food Production, at IHM, Mumbai. Aditya is son of renowned Chef Nitin Kulkarni, of Indigo restaurant, Mumbai. As they say, genes show…… (but hard work pays – as I am sure that Aditya must have worked very hard to achieve this position).

Our Congratulations to Aditya and Best wishes for a great career, that we shall follow with interest. He has joined a leading hotel group.


Date : 05-July-2008

It is a matter of great pride to report that AMEDEI has once again swept the 2008 Academy of Chocolate awards in London. As the Sole representatives for Amedei in India, we take this opportunity to invite you to taste this amazing range of chocolates as our guest. Read below to learn about Amedei’s success:

After an examination by a committee of experts at the 2008 Academy of Chocolate Awards in London of over 40 companies and 350 products operating in the chocolate sector, for a third year, Amedei wins Gold for best chocolate, with Toscano Black 63% winning the 'Golden Bean' Award for best 'bean to bar' chocolate, whilst obtaining another three Gold and four Silver Awards.

LONDON, 15th of MAY 2008. Cecilia Tessieri, President of Amedei, withdrew in London the Award given by the Academy of Chocolate. The ceremony to award the "Golden Bean", won by Amedei for its valuable Toscano Black 63%, took place in the fabulous setting of the Arts Club, in the presence of one hundred and fifty guests including many journalists. The Award was given to Cecilia and Alessio Tessieri by Sara Jayne, Director of Academy of Culinary Arts and founder member of the Academy of Chocolate and by Nigel Barden, known presenter of the BBC channel.

"I would like to thank the Chocolate Academy for this prestigious award and I would like to dedicate the Golden Bean to my brother, my family and to all those who collaborate with Amedei. We are very pleased to have received, for the third year in a row, a very important prize, awarded after a careful selection by a team of experts", said Cecilia Tessieri.

Also this year we are particularly happy because the Golden Bean rewards a blend, our Toscano 63%, which enhances the harmonious fusion between the work being done on plantations, followed personally by my brother Alessio, and the creativity that our company puts into the realization of chocolate".


Date : 05-July-2008

After an examination by a committee of experts at the 2008 Academy of Chocolate Awards in London of over 40 companies and 350 products operating in the chocolate sector, for a third year, Amedei wins Gold for best chocolate, with Toscano Black 63% winning the 'Golden Bean' Award for best 'bean to bar' chocolate, whilst obtaining another three Gold and four Silver Awards.

Alessio and Cecilia Tessieri were delighted with this news and declared 'we are very proud of this award and we would like to share this victory with all our collaborators in Italy and in the other Countries where we operate. Our objective shall always remain that of producing the best chocolate in the world, dedicating it to all our supporters. We thank the Academy of Chocolate Awards for this Award and for the seriousness and passion it puts in its worldwide work in search of good quality chocolate'.

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