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About Chenab Impex

Importers, Suppliers and Distributors of Gourmet Food, Organic Food, Gluten Free Food Products in Mumbai, India.

Chenab Impex Pvt. Ltd. brings you brands that will truly give you a real taste of life. From healthy breakfast cereals to gourmet chocolates and cheese accompaniments, dried fruits and olive oils, there is a wide variety of brands each with something tasty and new to offer. Each of these brands is well established and world leader in their product range and hence we will give you only the best. So go ahead and enrich your life.

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maple syrup chenab impex
Maple syrup
The-Polyscience-Smoking-Gun-Pro-Hand-Held-Smoker-Set-with-Pro-Sage-Woodchips-and-Utopia-Glass-Cloche-chenab impex
Smoking Gun & Wood Chips Kit
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