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Dried wild mushrooms


The best known and loved chanterelle is the common Cantharellus Cibarius, the beautiful egg-yellow, almost flowerlike mushroom otherwise known in France as the Girolle, in Germany as the Pfifferling, and in Poland as the Kurka or Liszka. This is a pleasantly aromatic, fleshy, wild mushroom. The cap is fleshy, with wavy, rounded cap margins tapering downward to meet the stem. The gills are not the usual, straight panels hanging from the lower surface of the cap, as we see in the common store mushroom. Instead, the ridges are rounded, blunt, shallow, and widely spaced. At the edge of the cap, they are forked and interconnected. Chanterelles will reappear in the same places year after year if carefully harvested so as not to disturb the ground in which the mycelium (the vegetative part of the mushroom) grows. They fruit during the summer and the autumn, sometimes coming up in several flushes.
Soak the mushrooms in lukewarm water for about 15 minutes, before cooking.
– Traditional, European mushrooms
– Nutty, earthy and fragrant
– Perfect in creamy dishes or to be used with meat and poultry

Sizes Available

500 gm

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